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Plumstead Manor School

Plumstead Manor School
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South East London Medical Day

Recently, on 23rd November a group of Year10 students (including myself) got the chance to go to Shooters Hill post 16 Campus to get a taster day in medicine.  Already being fascinated by science, I decided that I wanted to go to learn more about what medicine can offer me in the future.  This was a Students together at the end of the dayremarkable experience for me and my friends and it has developed my thinking about what I am going to do beyond Plumstead Manor.  when I arrived, we were sat in a room with other schools and two medical students (both in their 3rd year of studying medicine) gave us a brief talk on how they felt about medical school.  I really enjoyed their presentation as they provided us with information but in an interesting way (in which we all could understand and make notes).  furthermore, as they were giving their personal experiences and knowledge I felt really secure on the fact that I wanted to continue my journey on medicine.

We were then separated into groups of four to do three main workshops.  Problem based learning, learning how to perform CPR and medical ethics.  the groups consisted of two girls from our school and two students from other schools.  To be honest, at first I thought that the idea of being separated was Students during a diagnostic sessionnot the greatest however as I got to know my new group, I felt more comfortable and I also reinforced my communication skills. We all got along as we had a lot in common and due to this we had a hugh amount of fun within the tasks.

My favorite was our first task on problem based learning.  The task consisted of being put in A&E scenarios where we quickly had to diagnose the patients with the information given.  We learnt what questions were needed to asking those quick scenarios.  we also got to test 'urine' which I think was just apple juice but anyway the task was very amusing and gave us all an insight to that specific field in medicine!

Overall, the day was very informative and exciting as we gained a new experience from it.  I would like to thank Mrs Rehaman and Ms Bhadare who organised the trip and were very supportive throughout!

Rania Ahmed 10HN






our girls were in the winning group for various activities