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Plumstead Manor School

Plumstead Manor School
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Jack Petchey Award Re-launch at Plumstead Manor

 Jack Petchey OBEJack Petchey was born into a working class family in the east end of London, 1925.  He left school aged just 13 with no qualifications.  In 1943, during World War Two, he joined the Navy's Fleet Air Army.  He applied for officer training but was unsuccessful.  After the Navy, he began working as a clerk for the Solicitors' Law Stationary Society.  He applied for management training there and was told he would never make a business man!  Jack refused to give up.  He spent £39 he got leaving the Navy on his first second hand car and started a taxi business.  Jack worked long and hard, overcoming adversity, and went on to become a multi millionaire through his various business ventures, which have spanned from motor car dealing and garages to property, travel and investment.

 Since the Jack Petchey Foundation was established in 1999, it has invested in £100 million in projects supporting young people.  Sir Jack (as he is now known after being recognised for his admirable charity work) wants to increase young people's aspirations by rewarding their achievements and encouraging them to take pride in what they have done. 

The Achievement Award Scheme is designed to recognise this.  The awards are not intended to reward the fastest, the smartest or even the best: whether you are trying to overcome challenges, showing community spirit, being an excellent team player or overcoming obstacles, you are achieving.

 We are re-launching the Jack Petchey Award scheme at Plumstead Manor School.  The whole school community (staff and students) will get to nominate students from Year 11 and 13 in the first instance from Tuesday 18th April - Friday 28th April.  Details of how to vote will follow.  The winners will receive £250 each and can spend it on anything they want in school.  This could be a meal with a group of friends, text books, a guest speaker, a trip, whatever the student wants.  The school council nominated Sundas Batool for the first award she is going to spend her £250 in two ways, £125 to spend in the science department and £125 on a meal with friends.  If you have any questions about this please contact Ms Buttle.