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GCSE Results 2017

PRESS RELEASE – 2017 Key Stage 4 Results

Staff and students at Plumstead Manor are celebrating another year of excellent achievements for Year 11 in their GCSEs this year. There have been further and significant improvements in the outcomes for our students, including a large number of standout individual performances. Headline results include:

 62% of students gained a C grade (Grade 4) or more in English and Maths – up 3% on 2016 and 10% on 2015.

75% of students gained a C grade (Grade 4) or more in English, with 24% achieving A* or A grades. (Grade 7 or above)

63% of students gained a C grade (Grade 4) or more in Maths, with 20% achieving A* or A grades. (Grade 7 or above)

23% of students achieved the EBACC.

 8 Year 11 students gained 10 or more A*A grades, 14 got 8 or more A*A grades and 27 Year 11 students gained 5 or more A*A grades, 14 students 8 or more A*A grades, and 8 students got 10 or more A*A grades.

These individual examples of excellence and high achievement include:-

Akkua Addo 4A* 6A 1B

Leah Inglis 2A* 5A   4B

Ashmita Ale 3A* 7A 1B

Nima Lama 2A* 8A   1B

Maryam Aleja-Banjo 4A* 5A 2B

Sara Osman-Saeed 4A* 4A 3B

Sundas Batool 7A* 4A

Roja Rai 5A* 4A 1B

Tiaylor Davis 6A 3B 1C

Sophia Rana 3A* 5A   2B

Tamilore Fadahunsi 4A* 6A

Aayushma Shrestha   7A* 3A 1B

Ameesha Gurung 7A* 3A 1B

Kirana Susilo 8A* 2A   1B

Shakira Hashemi 4A* 5A 2B

Simran Thapa 1A* 5A   4B

These represent significant and continued improvements in the outcomes our young people achieve, and are the product of hard work on behalf of both our students and staff. We are looking forward to welcoming many of our current students back into the 6th Form, alongside young people from other schools, following our excellent Post 16 results where students achieved 31% A*or A grades, 44% A* or B grades. 

All in all this year’s results at Key Stage 4 and 5 evidence the ongoing improvements taking place at Plumstead Manor and we’re delighted to see so many of our young people achieve so well. Our students follow a broad and balanced curriculum across a range of academic and vocational subjects.   The recipe for success here is simple - high quality teaching, in a safe and friendly environment set alongside high aspirations for academic scholarship, and high expectations for behaviour and personal development. We focus on our students being curious, disciplined, resilient, collaborative and imaginative. These are the hallmarks of learning here and set our young people up to become rounded adults, ready to flourish and succeed, equipped to go on and change the world for the better.

 Head Teacher Douglas Greig commented:

We’re very proud of what all of our Year 11 students have achieved in their GCSEs this year, results that put them in a very strong position to go onto their chosen pathway of study or training – congratulations to them all. Their hard work alongside the skilled and dedicated staff at Plumstead Manor has really paid off producing significant improvements in many areas. This all bears witness to the important changes we’re making together at the school which are securing better outcomes for our students. In a year of volatility in exams results across the country, with new grades and harder examinations, these excellent results demonstrate our high standards and our commitment to really changing children’s lives by transforming the quality of education we offer. We’re delighted to be welcoming so many of our students back into the Sixth Form, and wish all our young people every success in their future.”