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Getting in touch (Sept 2019)

Please do get in touch with us if you have any concerns. We will try to reply to you as soon as possible, and if we cannot answer your query we'll pass it on to the right person.

   The main school telephone number is:      0203 260 3333

If you are reporting a student absence please ring the above number and select Option 1 or logon to Insight to report the absence online. Please click here for a guide to assist you.

If you are a parent or carer of a student and wish to discuss a concern or have a query, you can communicate with Form Tutors using your son or daughter's school planner. You can also contact the Head of Year for their year group as detailed below.

You can also use Insight - Linked Teachers and Pastoral Team to contact all the staff linked to your child click here for instructions.


Year Group Head of Year e-mail address
7 Ms S Burley-Burton Shanice.Burley@plumsteadmanor.com
8 Ms J Hopkins Jesse.Hopkins@plumsteadmanor.com
9 Ms M Marshall Michelle.Marshall@plumsteadmanor.com
10 Mr S Vasaudaven Samuel.Vasudaven@plumsteadmanor.com
11 Ms T Lavelle Toni.Lavelle@plumsteadmanor.com
12 Ms E Masters Emily.Masters@plumsteadmanor.com
13 Ms D O'Neil Diane.ONeill@plumsteadmanor.com
SENCO Mrs S Cronin Sarah.Cronin@plumsteadmanor.com
Here are the contact details of our Senior Leadership Team (September 2021):
Mr D Greig Head Teacher Douglas.Greig@plumsteadmanor.com
Mr B Morgan Deputy Head Ben.Morgan@plumsteadmanor.com
Ms L Grimes Deputy Head Liz.Grimes@plumsteadmanor.com
Mr J Hall Deputy Head James.Hall@plumsteadmanor.com
Ms K Buttle Assistant Head Katy.Buttle@plumsteadmanor.com
Mr S Ball Assistant Head Steffan.Ball@plumsteadmanor.com
Mr G Smith Assistant Head Giles.Smith@plumsteadmanor.com
Mrs J Harrison Business Director Joanne.Harrison@plumsteadmanor.com