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Equipment and Uniform List

Equipment and Uniform List


All students will be required to be equipped with the following:

  • Pencil Case
  • Several pens (blue and black)
  • 1 green and 1 red pen
  • Several pencils - HB and 2B
  • Eraser and sharpener
  • Ruler
  • An adhesive glue stick
  • A pack of multi-coloured highlighters
  • Mini dictionary / thesaurus
  • Scientific calculator
  • Large bag
  • Water bottle
  • Reading book



These are supplied to all students.  Planners are used for students to record their homework and to provide a place for communication between parents/carers and teachers.

Form Tutors sign the diaries weekly and we ask that parents do the same.

Planners will need to be replaced if they are lost, damaged or defaced. The cost of a new Planner is £5.00.



School uniform makes an important contribution to the Plumstead Manor ethos and code of conduct. Students should take pride in their appearance and respect the Plumstead Manor uniform. They are expected to wear correct uniform whilst travelling to and from school as well as around the building.

School navy blue skirt or School navy blue trousers (with PMS logo)

School navy blue blazer (with PMS logo)

School navy blue jumper (with PMS logo)

White shirt

Tie with Year group colour stripe and PMS logo

School head scarf with PMS school logo

Sensible black low heeled shoes (Kickers with black laces are permitted)

Socks – plain black or plain navy blue (ankle or to the knee)

Tights – plain black or plain navy blue

Coats should be practical for school. Coats should not be worn in the building

School bags – to hold A4 folders and to contain a fully equipped pencil case

A plain black shoe - Kicker boots are acceptable. Shoes with too much decoration or additional colours are not. Plimsols and trainers are not acceptable. Boots at or above the ankle are not acceptable.

No jewellery may be worn except: One plain watch, one pair of small plain stud earrings

Hairbands – black or navy blue (plain)

No extreme hair colours or hair cuts

No hats in lesson or around school


Please click here for our full school uniform and equipment checklist.

Please click here for further details and a uniform price list.

On-Line shop now available!   *

Uniform purchases during summer break

Last year JK Clothing allocated a set period of time for each individual secondary school to purchase school uniform during the summer break.  As this system worked well they are implementing the same this year, the dates for Plumstead Manor students will be Monday 12th July 2021 through until Saturday 31st July 2021, allowing a three week period to purchase uniform from the shop (online purchases will be available ongoing).

No appointments are necessary, you can turn up during this three week period (they will allow for growth when fitting) but only one parent/carer will be able to enter the store with the child being fitted.

School Ties

School ties have been designed so they are available in different colours for different year groups.  J K Clothing, our uniform supplier, will be able to help you when you visit their shop, or their online shop, but for reference so that you buy the correct version please see the table below for the colours for different year groups.  The ties cost £7 each. 

The tie will need to be worn so that the school logo and two stripes are visible at the front, so that it is worn properly and smartly.  Top buttons on shirts will also have to be done up. 

Tie Colours for 2021/22 Academic Year
            Year                               Tie Stripe Colour                 Mandatory / Optional             
7 Green Mandatory
8 Blue Mandatory
9 Red Mandatory
10 Orange Mandatory
11 Yellow Mandatory

* Passwords for on-line shop:

Year 7 only:    pmsyear7

Years 8 - 11:   pms428


PE & Dance Kit


PE and Dance Kit – Aptus Brand with PMS logo:

School Navy Blue ¼ zip long sleeved top/School Navy blue track pants/ School Navy blue round neck PE shirt

School Navy Blue shorts (optional)


Please note: for reasons of Health & Safety jewellery may have to be removed in certain lessons. Banned/unacceptable jewellery will be confiscated; placed in the safe and returned to parents at the end of the year.

 All items must be clearly marked with pupil’s full name