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Sports & PE

Physical Education at Plumstead Manor School offers a broad and balanced curriculum with a growing extra curricular programme. All students are encouraged to challenge themselves in order to exceed expectations. In addition to this, students develop their understanding of health, fitness and the importance of an active healthy lifestyle which enables them to make informed choices about the activities they participate in outside of school and in the future.

Ski Italy 2017 (29 images)

Bardonecchia in the Italian Alps Friday 31st March-Friday 07th April 2017

Primary Cross Country (18 images)

Primary Cross Country competition 2016

Sportathon 2016 (6 images)

Sportathon 2016

DoFE qualifyers 2015/16 (4 images)

Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh qualifying weekend in the New Forest...

Sports and PE Gallery (7 images)

Sports and PE Gallery

 Key Stage 3

In Year 7 students participate in a range of activities including Indoor Athletics, Basketball, Football, Gymnastics, Trampolining, Athletics and Rounders.

 In Year 8, students continue to develop their skill level and tactical awareness in the same students studied during Year 7.

 In Year 9, students broaden their horizons further by participating in Dance, Badminton, Trampolining and the Young Leader Award. The Young Leader Award is an excellent introduction to leadership and gives learners the knowledge of how to organize and lead small games and activities. This has developed organisational skills, communication and team work, as well as helping to build confidence and self esteem as they take on the responsibility of leading their peers and younger children.

 Key Stage 4


Students are able to choose GCSE PE to study in addition to their options. GCSE PE is studied during core lessons, with one theory lesson running after school. Students participate in a range of activities including Trampolining, Netball, Personal Survival, Fitness, Circuit Training, Rock Climbing, Indoor Rowing, Athletics and Rounders. 

The theory sessions cover; The participant as an individual; Mental and physical demands of performance; Leisure and recreation; Diet; Healthy active lifestyle; Training; School and physical education; Social and cultural factors; Opportunities for further involvement and International factors.

Students also carry out one piece of controlled assessment which involves analysing their own and others performance, identifying areas of strength and areas of development. Students must also identify ways in which to improve performance in their chosen area.

For further information, please go to

In Year 10, in addition to the GCSE PE offer, students are given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills further but having the option of participating in the Sports Leader Level 2 Award or the Dance Leaders Award. The Level 2 Award builds on the skills developed in the Young Leader Award. Students continue to develop their organization, motivation and communication skills but also focus on positive role models in sport, how to mentor others and how to use leadership in a variety of settings.

Our current Sports Leaders have successfully led Basketball tournaments, Bench Ball tournaments and fitness sessions for Primary aged students.

The Dance Leader Award allows our talented and enthusiastic dancers to develop their leadership skills further. Learners who participated in this qualification must demonstrate their ability to lead Dance activities with confidence and enthusiasm. 

For more information on the Sports Leader Level 2 Award or the Dance Leader Award please visit

In addition to the qualifications on offer, Year 10 students participate in fitness, games, Trampolining, Climbing, Canoeing, Athletics and Rounders.

In Year 11, students continue to develop their knowledge of an active healthy lifestyle and participate in a range of activities such as Health and Fitness, Trampolining, Games and Energy Fusion.

Key Stage 5

The PE department currently lead and coordinate the vInspired programme; the UKs leading youth volunteering charity. Participating in the vInspired programme contributes to our student’s skills, confidence and employability.

For more information on the vInspired programme please visit

Extra Curricular

The PE department have a selection of activities that run during lunch times or after school. At present, activities on offer are Badminton, Basketball, Fitness, Cross Country, Roller Hockey, Boxing, Yoga, Football and Trampolining. Click here for information on this terms clubs.

In addition to participating in core PE, students are encouraged to participate in a range of activities outside of school. The PE department currently offer the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. The Duke of Edinburgh is a highly valued qualification that demonstrates student’s commitment, versatility and determination levels. Students are required to participate in four categories; volunteering, physical, skills and expedition. Many students participate in this qualification at Plumstead Manor School and are very keen to move on to the next level.

For more information on the Duke of Edinburgh Award please visit


As part of the extra curricular programme, students are encouraged to compete against other tutor groups in their year group in the fight to become Superleague Champions. Students compete in a range of events including; Cross Country, Tug of War, Indoor Rowing, 5 a side Football, Trampolining and Basketball Cup Stacking.

Primary School Links

One of our PE team is also the Primary School Sports Coordinator for the area and helps to run a number of activities and inter-school tournaments. To read more about the 2013/ 14 Sports League and tournaments click here.