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Religious Education

Religious Education


Deprtment profile

Our aim is to ensure all our pupils have the correct understanding on how to live in a multi-faith, multi-cultural society, and be able to practice and be proud of their faith. We aim to guide them to participate and contribute to the society they live in. It is hoped to raise pupil’s awareness of gender, race, religion and political issues through topics and themes studied.

We encourage a supportive environment that ensures all pupils, regardless of backgrounds, are able to participate fully to the best of their ability in lessons. This is achieved through their experiencing whole class work, group work, individual work, and participating in class, group debates, and discussions with emphasis on independent and cooperative learning.

KS3 Curriculum

In KS3 all pupils study the six world religions in accordance to key themes.  The key themes range from beliefs and values, founders and leaders, festivals, religious practice, and prayer and worship.  This will assist and give the pupils a chance to examine and reflect on the issues of faith in modern world society.

KS4 Curriculum

In KS4 all pupils are entered in for the Edexcel RS syllabus with the focus being on two religions; Christianity and Islam.  In relation to this specification students will focus on key themes which will be explored in relation to the both religions such as Belief in God and Living the Muslim/Christian Life.  Alongside these topics we will also be focusing on the following themes; Marriage and the Family, Matters of Life and Death, Crime and Punishment and Peace and Conflict.  The GCSE exams for this course will take place at the end of Year 11 where pupils will sit two exams, one on Christianity and the other on Islam.

  • Christian beliefs about God
  • Crime and punishment
  • Living the Christian life
  • Peace and conflict
  • Islamic beliefs about God
  • Believing in God
  • Matters of life and death
  • Marriage and family
  • Community cohesion


In KS5 pupils are entered in for the OCR RS Syllabus where the focus of the course is on three main areas; Philosophy of Religion, Religion and Ethics and Developments in religious thought (Islam).  Pupils will sit three exams in relation to the three areas of focus in KS5. 

 KS5 scheme of Work

Term Time Year 12 (Philosophy) Year 12 (Ethics) Year 12 (Islam) Year 13 (Ethics) Year 13 (Islam)
1 (7 Wks) Ancient philosophical influences Natural Law Prophecy and Revelation Meta Ethics/Free Will and Determinism Beliefs
2 (7 Wks) Soul, Body and Mind Situation Ethics Tradition Conscience and Virtue Ethics Scripture
3 (5 Wks) Arguments based on observation and reason Kantian Ethics God is One and Human Destiny Environmental and Business Ethics Muslim Life/ Development of Islam
4 (6 Wks) Religious Experience Utilitarianism Shariah Law Sexual Ethics Origins and beliefs of Sunni/Shia/Sufi Islam
5 (6 Wks) Problem of Evil Euthanasia and Business Ethics



Practice of Islam in the Western World
6 (7 Wks) Revision Revision Revision Revision