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Plumstead Manor School

Plumstead Manor School
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Personal Development

Profile of the Department

Personal Development at Plumstead Manor School consists of PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, Careers and Economic Education) and Citizenship.  We draw on good practice and tailor our programme of study to reflect the needs of the young people within our community.  We are a dedicated team of staff who set high expectations and we aim to inspire, motivate and challenge pupils to open their minds and empower them to make thoughtful choices. We adapt our teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all and are passionate about what we do.

Citizenship is a firmly established subject in the national curriculum and is compulsory at key stages 3 & 4.  In Citizenship we learn about the world around us and how we can change it for the better.  We aim to improve political knowledge and encourage young people to get involved and be part of our local and global communities.  We hope to promote a balance between individual rights and social responsibility.


At key stage 3, we have mixed ability classes and our subjects are taught on an age appropriate spiral approach, through which we hope to lay the foundations for our key topics which include the following:

  • Be Healthy - Puberty, Drugs, Happiness
  • Stay Safe - Bullying
  • Enjoy & Achieve - Friendship & Careers
  • Make a Positive Contribution - The Environment
  • Achieve Economic Well Being - Money, Fundraising through active Citizenship
  • Human Rights, Government and Identity & Diversity


At key stage 4, we continue to build on the key areas mentioned above.  In addition, students who are interested in political processes and our world, have the chance to choose citizenship as a GCSE option subject.  The main themes studied in GCSE citizenship include:-

  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Power, Politics & the Media
  • The Global Community
  • Active citizenship – creating change

For 2 weeks in Year 10, students have the opportunity to put into practice some of the skills and qualities they have gained and carry out 2 week’s Work Experience in industry. They also take part in active Citizenship by visiting the elderly in the community.  In year 11 all students will have an independent advice and guidance careers interview. 


AS Extended Project – Students have the opportunity to pick a topic of their choice and complete an independent research study to build on their transferable skills including; Reasoning, Logic & Enquiry.  We also link in with Greenwich University and use their library resources.

Student will develop essential skills for Universities, the work place and beyond!

We also run a series of Personal Development Drop Down Days for Sixth Form students that include:

  • Study Skills
  • Personal Statement Writing
  • Health and Well-being
  • Skills for London
  • Progression and Career Pathways

To be able to achieve our goals to give students the best possible learning experience, we organise numerous trips, competitions, events and guest speakers. These include:

  • First Give
  • Annual short Movie Competition
  • Cashcade (social enterprise activity)
  • Elderly Visit
  • Educational trip to Auschwitz