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Plumstead Manor School
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English & Media

Department vision

To equip all of our students, regardless of ability and background, with the skills and attributes to communicate powerfully, think critically, and flourish in a changing, growing world. We want to foster and nourish the love of the transformative power of literature.


The KS3 syllabus at Plumstead Manor School aims to give students a breadth of knowledge of literature and language, and aims to build and develop the key skills needed to succeed in KS4.  In Year 7 we begin our study with Tales of Terror from the Tunnel’s Mouth by Chris Priestley, a series of gothic short stories with a challenging vocabulary.  We continue the year with units in Myths, Legends and Fairy-tales, Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, and Shakespeare’s Much Ado About NothingEnglish & MediaDuring Years 8 and 9 we develop key skills in further study of both modern and classic texts, and through various forms of literature including novels, plays, films, poetry and non-fiction writing.  We challenge our students to develop their analytical thinking skills through the introduction of critical theory at KS3, and our library Wider Reading Projects encourage students in Years 7 and 8 to read (and fall in love with) a breadth of different genres of literature.

Extra-Curricular Activities/or Other Aspects

  • Film Club
  • Playwrights Club
  • The Great Year 8 Debate competition
  • Royal Mail’s Young Letter Writer competition
  • Annual Year 7 Poetry competition
  • Jack Petchey’s “Speak Out” Challenge!


We are in transition  at the moment, and year 10 and 11 are following different syllabuses. 

Year 10 - Edexcel English Language and Edexcel English Literature (2015) - 1-9 - taught simultaneously:

Throughout the course, students will study a range of texts both fiction and non-fiction, and poetry, prose and drama.

Term 1 

Term 2

Term 3/4

Term 5/6

An Inspector Calls – development of analytical skills, ability to engage with and comment on texts from different time periods and critical interpretation skills

Students learn writing to argue, persuade and advise in preparation for the English Language exam.

Anthology of poems from Edexcel grouped under the theme of 'Power and Conflict.' covering a wide time frame and are among the most influential works in the English language.

Students will develop the skills to approach unseen poetry as this will be required of them in the exam, as well as creative writing skills for the Language qualification. 

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a classic Victorian novella, building on analytical skills from KS3 and previous GCSE units.

Students will begin working on comprehension in 19th to 21st Century fiction texts for their English Language qualification.

Students will study a Shakespeare text, alongside 19th to 21st Century non-fiction texts for the English Language GCSE.

By Year 11, most students will have covered all of the content of the GCSE. As all specifications are now closed text, Year 11 requires rigorous revision and memory techniques. This will allow students to master the texts and skills required for the new GCSEs in English, enabling them to fulfil their potential and open up pathways to future learning and experience.

Current Year 11 - CIE IGCSE English Language and Edexcel English Literature (2010)

KEY DATES for 2017

English Literature : Paper 1- Monday 22nd May

English Literature : Paper 2 - Friday 26th May

English Language : Paper 1 - Tuesday 6th June

English Language : Paper 2 -Monday 12th June