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Department profile

Our vibrant, creative Drama team helps students to devise innovative, thought-provoking plays for a wider audience.  Students are encouraged to think outside of the box in creating drama performances which utilise the varying styles of drama practitioners guided by the expertise of the staff members.

KS3 Curriculum

In Year 7 and Year 8 Drama, students study a varied curriculum every week for one hour and are assessed every 6 weeks through the 9-1 grade boundaries. They have the option of choosing drama at GCSE level when they get into year 9. All students work through a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide a pathway through to GCSE Drama and A Level Theatre Studies. As such our students Learn about famous Drama Practitioners from the very beginning. This enhances their use of physical and vocal skills which they explore through a variety of topics, plays, books and films. These include The Suffragettes, WW1, Matilda, Witches, Hard to Swallow, Oliver Twist and Shakespearian Monologues. Throughout Yr.’s 7,8,9, our students explore drama through a range of skills: Improvisation, Still Image, Thought-tracking, Slow motion, Asides, Narration, Soundscapes, Split-scene, Physical Theatre. At the end of every term, they create devised plays that are performed inside the classroom as well as to a wider audience in school assemblies and drama showcases for friends and families to see.

KS4 Curriculum

Objectives of course:

Our KS4 students study FOUR major practitioners (Stanislavsky, Brecht, Artaud, Frantic Assembly) which forms the foundation for all of the GCSE performance and written pieces.   These CORE practitioners instil the variety of influences necessary to broaden their knowledge, understanding and considered depth to their examination pieces.

Exam board: WJEC 

Course content:

The course is made up of 3 Components Devising, Responding to a Text and Written Evaluations.  Some of the skills gained include:

  • An ability to critically select appropriate dramatic forms and devises
  • They can select appropriate Styles and Genres that work best with appropriate Practitioners.
  • They learn how to work independently and as part of a group for development and refinement of pieces.
  • They learn to Devise plays by responding creatively to Stimuli
  • They can analyse and evaluate written play texts, as well as live theatrical performances.
  • They explore a range of physical and vocal skills
  • They have the opportunity to gather technical skills through our Design elements.

KS5 Curriculum

Objectives of course:

We are proud of our successes at KS5 where our curriculum supports progression from Key Stage 4. We ensure that the skills needed to achieve exceptional grades are deeply embedded into all studies, enabling a smooth progressive pathway of knowledge and understanding. Our approaches to assessment  are similar, so that students will have a coherent experience of drama. 

Exam board: Edexcel

Course content:

Our course is designed with a clear and straightforward structure that has three components; one that focuses on devising; one that focuses on performing or designing skills and one that focuses on practical exploration of texts to interpret them for performance. Students who are new to our two year A Level course, have the opportunity in year 12, to brush up on all missing skills and practitioner knowledge necessary for the final year of the course.

Future Pathways

By the end of year 13 our students would have developed a multitude of transferable skills, including collaboration, communication, ability to think on the spot and improvise in order to find a solution. Their level of understanding of how to amend and refine work provides a smooth transition to their next level of study at university or employment. They would have gained the ability to critically assess and analyse anything written or performed opening up pathways not just within the Acting arena (TV, Film, Radio, Theatre) but within industry using their ability to critically assess and analyse written documentation.

 Extra Curricular Opportunities

 Extra-curricular Clubs

We run a wide range of clubs on a daily basis, that are dedicated to each year group on certain days. Yr7’s work on Roald Dahl excerpts for performances, Yr8’s Work on a wide range of Shakespearian pieces, Yr9 students get the opportunity to explore play texts that are not on the school curriculum and Yr10’s are able to create devised pieces and musical numbers.  We have also recently introduced a GCSE extra-curricular Exam Preparation club for all year 9 students that have chosen drama as an option and want to get a head start.

Trips /Plays

Our Students have annual visits to the National Theatre as well as the new Troubadour Theatre in Wembley Park. We also have visiting theatre companies who perform for our students in school, so that they get lots of opportunities to see live theatre productions.


Many of our students get the opportunity to perform in a number of events throughout the year which include: Woolwich Street Theatre, Black History Month Projects, Working with various feeder schools using Theatre In Education and running follow on workshops with primary school children.  Many students have taken part in Diversity week and have been selected to perform in Plumstead Manor’s annual drama summer showcase.