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Plumstead Manor School

Plumstead Manor School
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Design & Technology

Profile of the Department

Sir Terence Conran
Designer and founder of Habitat and Conran
"British designers are celebrated all over the world for their creativity and innovation but the real strength of our industry has, and always will, lie in education. I have always believed that intelligent design is of fundamental importance, not only to the economy but to the quality of everyday life for ordinary people."

Here at Plumstead Manor our aim is to inspire the next generation of creative people: architects, fashion designers, master chefs, engineers to name a few. We believe that the design principals taught at secondary school in KS3, KS4 and KS5 will not only enable our students to creatively problem solve in their future education and careers but the skills they will learn will be useful throughout their lives in the home too.

KS3Design & Technology

At KS3 students are taught on a carousel system which means that in Years 7, 8 and 9 students will do five different projects every year, within the material areas of food, textiles, woodwork, metalwork and plastics. Throughout each project there is a strong emphasis on the importance of producing original designs and making good quality products, by embedding the design process (research, designing, planning, making and evaluation). Over the last four years our KS3 students have taken part and won every year, in the science and technology challenge day in Greenwich. We value the importance of learning outside of the classroom, and take every opportunity to expose our students to experience different aspects of design and technology, that we may not be able to fulfil within the classroom. 

KS4Design & Technology

Students are able to take one or more of the following two year GCSEs as an option: Food Preparation and Nutrition, Textiles, Product Design or Design Engineer Construct. Each GCSE comprises a practical element undertaken as controlled assessment as well as a written paper.  Students will start with skill building activities throughout Year 10 as well as visiting related exhibitions and museums to support their learning.  In 2012 Textiles students had the opportunity to attend a course run by the Fashion Retail Academy where they worked alongside designers from Wallis and Top Shop to produce their own outfit and model it in a catwalk show at the end of the week.


Courses offered in Plumstead Manor Sixth Form are AS/A2 Art & Design TextilesKS5 Textiles students

In Textiles students will undertake two design and make projects at AS and a further two projects at A2.  With expert guidance, students are expected to work independently and rigorously to produce creative and demanding outcomes.

As part of the course students will be encouraged to visit museums and exhibitions to inspire creativity and learn about the history of design.

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • KS3 Homework Help & Catch up club - Tuesday 3-4pm
  • KS4 Textiles – See Ms Collins & Ms Demetriou
  • Year 11 DEC & Year 10 Product Design catch up – Wednesday & Thursday 3 - 4pm
  • KS4 Catering – Wednesday and Thursday 3-4pm - See Ms Sawkins


After School Support/Catch-up lessons

Mrs Dabasia

  • KS3 Product Design - Tuesday
  • KS4 DEC and Product Design - Wednesday and Thursday

Ms Collins

  • KS3 & KS4 Textiles - Tuesday and Wednesday

Ms Demetriou

  • KS4 Textiles - Thursday

Ms Sawkins

  • KS4 Catering - Wednesday and Thursday