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Business Studies

Profile of the Department

Plumstead Manor Business Studies Department is staffed by a number of well-qualified teachers with industrial experience in Retail, Finance, Marketing, Manufacturing, Travel and Law. We offer a wide variety of courses to meet all of our students’ needs including A Level and BTEC programmes.

Business StudiesKS4 Curriculum Opportunities

At Key Stage Four, the business department offers:

KS5 Curriculum Opportunities

At Key Stage Five, the business department offers:

  • BTEC L3 Diploma in Business - This is a vocational programme which is currently assessed through 100% coursework.  We plan to deliver the 2 A-Level version of this course from September 2014.  It examines areas such as business ownership, human resources, business finance and marketing.Business Studies
  • Certificate in Financial Studies (equivalent to AS Level) - This course looks at the management of personal finances, providing both practical and theoretical knowledge of the financial services industry.
  • Diploma in Financial Studies (equivalent to A2 Level) - This course follows on from the Certificate in Financial Studies and examines the financial services industry from the provider’s perspective. Business Studies
  • AS/ A2 Business Studies -AQA  This qualification develops a critical understanding of organisations, studied from a variety of perspectives including those of business owners, employees, customers and competitors. It will include development of a range of skills including decision making and problem solving. AS Units cover Planning and Financing a Business  and Managing a Business. A2 Units cover Strategies for Success and  The Business Environment and Managing Change.

 Work Experience and Visits- The current A Level students visited the BMW Mini Factory in Oxford in July 2014 which was a great opportunity to see business theory come to life.  

A2 students have also been on a London City walk and participated in a work experience placement at Lloyds Banking Group during Half Term. Click on the links above to find out more.